Thess IC engineers have a wide range of experience. They designed and brought to market a selection of consumer products.

Unique blend of requisite chip design skillsets in one team

Rare composition of highly skilled engineers with 200+ man-years industry experience

No dependencies on third party IP or know-how:  team and tech are completely self-contained

No two designs are the same and each design requires a different set of knowledge to efficiently and effectively realise it. Our broad expertise enables us to take the optimal approach as opposed to the approach that plays to a limited set of strengths.

Founding members contributed to 100+ publications, 8 patents, 40+ tape-outs, 6 market products

Join our other customers in using our skills in system architecture.


Capital Trade Center Bldg 2, Ste BB4A
Laertou 22, 55535
Thessaloniki, Greece

  • +30 2310473133
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